If cats and rats become good friends...

September 15, 2010 10:28pm CST
Recently a friend of mine told me a story about his cat. He keeps one cat to get rid of rats as the rats are too irritated. But one day, when he was feeding the cat, he found that the rats come to eat together with the cat. And what's more, the cat even stolen some food from the owner for the rats as it wanted to win the rats' friendship. My friend was so angry that he kicked the cat out of the house. What do you think of it? If cats and rats become good friends, what shall we do to get rid of rats?
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@laydee (12801)
• Philippines
17 Sep 10
That is a funny story and I would dread the time that would come true1! hehehe.. I guess if that happened then there's no more true need for cats. Plus, I guess only pest killers would be used to get rid of rats and cats as well.
@YamiKiba (937)
• United States
17 Sep 10
Aww that's harsh kicking out a cat because it made friends with the rats. . .honestly I don't think that's a good reason to kick it out of your home. If you don't want your cat anymore because its not getting rid of the rats, put the cat up for adoption at a shelter or give it to a friend.
@CatGods (4588)
• United States
16 Sep 10
Well I am a cat lover and have many cats of my own. I would NEVER kick a cat out of my house. But as for the rat problem, your friend needs to find a way to make his home a very unpleasant place for the rats. Some thing that will not bother or harm the cat, but will effect the rats so that they will not want to come around your friends place.
@FFBernie (42)
16 Sep 10
Your friend's cat may be one in a million! Cats are naturally predators and their prey include rats, mice and other rodents. It is hard to imagine that that should happen. As far as getting rid of the rats ,traditional traps will do the job.