Inter-personal relationships part 2...

@bigal3 (1231)
September 18, 2010 2:44am CST
Well MyLotters the drama continues here in my little world in Thailand. As I said before my neighbors take a special notice to the elderly and since I fall into that catagory and have a girlfriend now they really take notice. It seems my girl, who has her own business, and the landlady of my compelex have not always seen eye to eye so to speak. Well in the neighborhood I live in everyone knows everyone's business and as I wrote before about the gossip situation which seems to have escalated, just ignoring it has not worked. It has gotten worse in fact! It seems that in the past my lady had a "farang" boyfriend with considerable money. (there's that nasty word again, MONEY), and I who live on a fixed income which my lady knows about am the object of the gossip again. It is funny but my English male friends think my lady is with me for my money which is in very limited supply while the local ladies (Thai of course) who know I don't have "big money" are down on her and asking why she is "wasting" her time with me. The plot only gets better since my girlfriend is in direct competition with the beauty/barber shop only a few steps from eachother. My lady also has a license to sell and serve alcholic beverages which the compitition does not. To add to this drama my ex-girlfriend works for the landlady here at my block and used to be really good friends with my current lady. Well you can imagine what that is like. We broke up because of her continuous lying and excsessive drinking not to mention wanting money from me every day after I had already given her her "monthly" allowance". However, we are still on good speaking terms and my girlfriend and her are likewise. Strange isn't it? ONLY IN THAILAND! Well, MyLotters I have just about had enough of well meaning people in my personal business. Normally I am a private person and I respect other people's privacy as well but this is just getting out of hand. As I see it the only way I can get some privacy back in my life is to move. The objections to me moving have come fast and furious from "what about my health", from my male friends who know I have arthritis to who is going to "take care you" from the Thai ladies. To me it seems all have a motive including my lady who is all for me moving. It was so much more peaceful and un-complicated when I just stayed at home and watched TV and two or three times a month go out and splurge. But even that drew critisim from everyone as I would over spend a bit and be "stuck" at home which I really didn't mind. There was no "DRAMA" then. But alas, I really have to watch what I wish for; having a steady lady that is. So now it comes down to the question how do you tell people to stay out of your "PERSONAL" business without hurting their feelings or destroying a really good friendship?
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@bunnybon7 (51403)
• Holiday, Florida
18 Sep 10
personally i would not let it bother me. they dont live in your house and cant make you do anything you dont want to. they dont pay your bills so let them say what they want. just tell them you appreciate their concern but must do what you feel is best for you and your own happiness.
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@Pose123 (21641)
• Canada
18 Sep 10
Hi bigal, If those people are truly well meaning and good friends as you say, than your situation may indeed be unique. I am quite familiar with gossip having lived most of my life in a small town, but certainly it isn't always friendly. There are of course,always some well meaning friends who like to offer advice as well but sometimes we have to be firm and say I must make my own decisions. Blessings.
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@dawnald (85056)
• Shingle Springs, California
20 Sep 10
You give them a look, and ask them "why would you want to ask such a personal question" and then you change the subject.