What is your best & worst characteristics

September 18, 2010 5:19am CST
Dear mylotters, Do share
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@paula27661 (15811)
• Australia
19 Sep 10
My best characteristic is my tenacity to get things done which some have called stubbornness which is not so positive but I do have the knack for not letting things go; if something needs doing I will not rest until it is done. Having said that I would have to my worst characteristic would have to be the need for perfection which in itself can be paralysing because I tend not to attempt certain things unless I can be one hundred per cent sure I will succeed and that can hold me back a lot...
@ergfortes (516)
• Philippines
18 Sep 10
they say my best characteristic is my being too patient/understanding. I don't get angry too much because i try to understand things in both ways. They say it would be really hard to piss me off. I'd say my worst is being to sensitive, i find myself too weak from simple things. and sometimes i dwell on it so much that makes it unhealthy.
@kquiming (2997)
• Philippines
18 Sep 10
Best -- compassion Worst -- impatience I think the two quite contradict each other, so I think that's the key to balance, to balancing it... so that I don't get abused by people, and yet I don't get too angry at anyone.
18 Sep 10
My best is that I am kind hearted and I will do what I can to help my family and friends when they need it. My worst is that I am stubbourn and I don't like getting things wrong.