Smile Culture

September 19, 2010 2:57am CST
A natural smile probably leaves a good impression on the one you's meeting. It helps you boost the possibility and efficiency of winning or succeeding. Actually a natural smile may change others' attitude towards you. But please don't smile artificially, it's kind of a disease that you keep smiling when you're depressed or unhappy. That's why a "natural" smile is emphasized here. To reach the goal of keeping a natural smile on your face, you must change your attitude towards different things. Be open-minded, getting out from unhappy things in time, never being buried in the things which make you feel depressed. Smile naturally, and take things easy, and win more satisfaction in your life!
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• United States
19 Sep 10
I have always had a smile almost carved and planted on my face, in fact I often wondered if people thought I was crazy as every time they walked by I could sense my smile always on my face. But life has a tendency to beat you to a pulp that now I find it difficult to force an instant smile.
@nanayangel (7879)
• Philippines
19 Sep 10
Hi there For1ever1! You're right. A smile can do lots of things. It is something that you can give lots of without losing it so I don't see why one would refuse to smile every chance that he or she gets. A natural smile can make someone feel comfortable in approaching you, asking you a question or just to tell you something.