What are your favorite recipes?

September 21, 2010 1:40pm CST
There are so many different ways to put ingredients together and people come out with new ones every day. What are your favorite things to make and do you prefer one method or trait of cooking in comparison to another?
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@zzyw87 (1259)
• Philippines
23 Sep 10
I started learning how to cook the past year. Since then, I try to cook at least once a week when I am not busy. I usually get easy recipes from the internet. Then I just tweak the recipes a bit and give it my own personal touch. My favorite dish to cook is pasta. It is very easy. Plus, I can customize it and put anything I like on it. I also experiment with the sauces. So far, all the different pastas I made are good according to my family and friends.
• Canada
23 Sep 10
Good for you learning in the past year. It does take a lot of patience for it to get going and to build up a good talent for it. I love baking and cooking meals for people. I am always trying something new because I like doing different things and I never want to get into a rut with cooking and doing the same thing over and over again.
@sreesai (216)
• India
22 Sep 10
I like spicy items but not toooo.. much spicy. I love to cook special dishes that is traditional mixed with modern style, I mean healthy cooking with ease.
• Canada
23 Sep 10
I totally agree. I like spicy but I can't do a lot of spicy or I will have horrible heartburn and a wicked migraine. My husband and I go for curry at this great little thai place but I never get it too spicy because I will suffer.. Traditional is always nice to do and I agree modernizing traditional meals and making them healthier for you and your family.
@maezee (39306)
• United States
21 Sep 10
I am horrible at cooking. But I love cooking *easy* things like Chili and Soup. I have no favorite recipe per say, but I love cabbage soup, and I love vegetarian Chili. I can't wait for winter just so I can make those things!
• Canada
23 Sep 10
I love French Onion Soup in the winter It is so warming and wonderful on a nasty cold winters day. I also like making chili and stew and nice winter meals. Sweet and Sour meatballs, cabbage rolls so much to make and usually I make big batches of stuff and freeze it for quicker cooking on some nights.