My 21 yr. old son just got his first real job...

@kbkbooks (7022)
September 22, 2010 2:30pm CST
Well, it's as the title says. I thought it would make things better in our house. The problem now is that he works AT NIGHT. That gives a good nights sleep like we haven't had in years since he has always been a night owl, in and out, or in making noise with his music and his friends at all hours. YES, it is a bad discipline problem but since he is my stepson I don't really have a say. I discipline my own son who lives with us and that in itself is a handful. My husband and I get along well in spite of all this. The real problem is that when his son comes home from work in the morning he of course wants to sleep, but that is just when the rest of the house is beginning to roll for the day. So he gets in a bad mood and slams doors, etc. I know there is an anger problem here, but of course one cannot do anything unless the person with the problem wants to go for help. Everyone I have spoken to, except of course my husband, says the boy needs to be put out of the house, especially now that he has a job. Trouble is, hubby has final say, so that ain't happenin'. I know there are no solutions except the ones I have listed here so don't try to solve my problem. I guess I am just looking for someone to vent to, and this seemed like a good place.
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@dorannmwin (36392)
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1 Oct 10
You are definitely right that this is a good place to vent and I've done more than my fair share of it in the time that I've been a member here. That said, I think that he will go through an adjustment period and I don't think that he does need to be put out of the house if he isn't both financially and emotionally ready for that. He needs to learn, however, that just because he lives on a different schedule than the rest of the world doesn't mean that the rest of the world needs to abide by his schedule.
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22 Sep 10
Glad he has his first real job.... hopefully after a few months he will be fed up living at home and be responsible and move out. Must be a drag, not your fault he works at night and that he cannot sleep in the morning. He gets a taste of what you had to deal with when he went out late, came home early and everyone else is trying to sleep.. Venting is good, makes you feel a bit better. Hope all works out in the end..