Listened love the way you lie by Eminem?

@leo2050 (348)
September 22, 2010 11:38pm CST
Lotters, ever listened to the Eminem feat Rihana's new song love the way you lie! The song is really nice and i can say that its the best song i have ever listened to. Eminem has done his best rap in the song. Both have done a great job. I just really love the way you lie.
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• China
23 Sep 10
I read your article, I downloaded that song, it is great. "Love the Way You Lie" has occupied the seat to download charts, can be described as invincible. Hip-Hop singles joined this kind of composition, but also to add a gentle rhythm of the track. Eminem's rap part of a strong sense of rhythm, and Rihanna's voice is very mix and match at one go.
@leo2050 (348)
• India
23 Sep 10
hello dengshijie, welcome to mylot. Few days back, the song was on the top of the charts. Rihanna's red hairs are also looking very nice in the video and hats off to Eminem, great work as usual.
• India
2 Oct 10
Yup i also have heard that song and i love it. In fact i love all the songs in Eminem's recovery album. My favorite is So Bad. I love eminem a lot. Rihanna also sung the song nicely. Cheers!
• United States
24 Sep 10
I have been listening to this song everyday and I love it. One of my favorite songs from Eminem and with Rihana featuring in it makes the song more great. One thing I didn't like about the song is the last sentence Eminem raps about "I'mma tie her onto the bed & set this house on fire." That line just kills the whole song and I think Eminem could have make up a better line than that one. But overall I still love the song.
• Finland
29 Sep 10
I liked it the first time I heard it. But the second time I heard it I was like that this isn't so great. I just like the "old Eminem" much more. Those songs are funny. Have you ever listened to The Key of Awesome version of that song? I found it much more better, like funny words. You really should listen that and tell me what you thought.