CashGopher = geoads?

September 23, 2010 10:07pm CST
I have uninstalled cashgopher. This is simply because I cannot see my sites correctly on any browser since I installed it. Not to mention, sometimes I even get page error just because it cannot connect to geoads. Especially my javascripts are usually becoming megasearch links. At first I didn't want to blame it on cashgopher. But then, I have 2 laptops: the only difference is one is made by fujitsu (newer) and the other one HP (older). I use both but I favor the new one because it is less heavier. So I installed cashgopher on this fujitsu. Eversince it was installed, not only pop-ups would appear but also textlinks would appear whenever I browse. My site looks absolutely if I use my old laptop, but is totally messed up in this laptop. My text would be full of text ad links; and my javascripts would almost always be replaced by megasearch. I have uninstalled cashgopher. The problems are still there. But there is already a definite conclusion that it was because of cashgopher. So either a spyware or a trojan was with the cashgopher. I don't think though that it gathers personal data.It is probably the other way around. Two of my friends who also have cashgopher noticed that the 'Save Password' utility by firefox became useless since they installed cashgopher. It won't save anymore password, causing you to annoyingly type it again. I might try to look for a way to fix this, or else, it will be a reinstall.
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• India
11 Nov 10
I am also having issue with Cashgopher. It is irritating. I hv removd cashgopher but the geoads are still coming. Please someone help me, how to get rid off this annoyance.
11 Nov 10
uninstall cashgopher as add-on in your browser. uninstall cashgopher from the programs restart your computer if you are a site owner, you might want to check your codes. Megasearch might have embedded itself to it.
@luxlyangels (1286)
24 Sep 10
Yer cashgopher can be so annoying when it comes to pop ups but then again thats how we get paid so i kinda bear it. When i cant take it anymore i close all their popups. try using a fast browser like opera and maybe all your pages would begin to load properly.