Will you allow?

September 23, 2010 10:22pm CST
Your friend is in dye need of help during an examination and the invigilator is very strict. Will you allow him or her to copy from your work? if yes why? if no why?
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• Philippines
24 Sep 10
ahahah nice post! well, if it is possible to have them copy my paper then I will let them but if not, no I will not let them. I am not gonna risk both are names as cheaters. Hpwever, if there is a way that the can copy then I would allow them. Way back in high school, I was able to try almost all kinds of cheat. you've read that right! ahahah. ALthough cheating will do no one any good especially if you never understood the lesson. Today, i would only encourage my nephews, who are in high school to cheat, if and only if they know and understand their lessons. I mean, if it was really necessary, but rest assured, if it;s math, they know how to do it themselves; they would only cheat if they are already time constrained, other than that, I would remind them that if they'll only cheat just to pass, then they are in grave trouble.
• Canada
24 Sep 10
No. I'm not going to risk my own academic career in order to help someone do something completely against the rules. Now, assume the friendship goes down the drain. What are they gonna say? "Oh, I'm not friends with So-and-So anymore because they didn't let me cheat off their work." Plain and simple, this is just honesty. I really despise it when people leech off others, or take credit for something somebody else has done.