Help me!!!!!

September 23, 2010 10:27pm CST
Please how can I increase my earning i have tried a lot but back to normal. I'm in rye need of help.................,,,,,,,
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• United States
24 Sep 10
Hello and welcome to myLot If you are referring to mylot below I will list what works best for all members: This link will give you the dos and don't on myLot, as a new and veteran member this link should be visited often as it clears up any misunderstandings as to why posts and discussion get deleted. Tips: Always, always start quality discussions, myLot will not tolerate rubbish and or trying to gain referrals so never, ever post referral links in your discussions. The first response to your discussion here will be deleted as this is prohibited. And anyone replying to that set of discussion will get their replies also deleted. When you start discussions, always, always respond to the members who commented on your discussions. You will not earn just because you posted a discussion. In other words. You start the discussion, I respond, I earn. You comment back you earn. SIMPLE and remember the more members respond, the more you comment back, you earn more. Have fun Best tip I can offer is keep myLotting and having fun. I hope your stay with myLot is a successful one. All the above always works for me and I hope you find this to work for you as well.
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@oscar6 (1938)
• United States
26 Sep 10
Hello and welcome to mylot. I would suggest spending some time commenting on a lot of different discussions. I always make sure that my comments are at least four lines long since comments that are meaningless like " I agree" will not earn you anything. I also try to limit the time I read discussions and spend more time commenting on them. Also upload pictures and rate people. I hope this helps.
@Devilova (5392)
• Indonesia
25 Sep 10
The number beside your profile show 41 or 42 after my comments.How you get it?? By respond to other discussions or post a discussions?? If you comment to other discussion you will earn about $0.4 by know. But if you post discussion and get respond from other and you didn't give comment back.You will only get couple cent the depend on how much discussion you make. If you make 5 discussions,you will only get 5 cent.It will happen if you didn't give respond to the comment that given to your discussions.