what do you think about emotional atyachar ??? would you ever do a loyalty test

@reetu3 (262)
September 24, 2010 3:19am CST
what do you think about emotional atyachar have you ever tried to test loyalty of your partner in any way...can you do emotional atyachar on your partner...i think it takes a lot of courage to do a loyalty test on a national television....
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@ankster (273)
• India
24 Sep 10
I think its the most vulgar program on television.Its a nasty program.All the activities shown are fake and created to gain public attraction.The channels are running madly after money making and they are producing all disgusting programs which spoils the taste of people.You only think who the hell would open their personal live son national television.They are making public fool by such artificial creations and we are getting fooled,.The particpants are also cheapsters and everything is falsely made to gain televison rating points.Iam sure and I know public also knows it but poeple just watch unhealthy programs.This program should be banned.
@reetu3 (262)
• India
25 Sep 10
I also sometimes think it is a fake program but how can they find such partners which are ready to such things in front of camera after knowing this...anyway whatever it is ...