ideal bf/gf^^ do your bf/gf have the characteristics you wanted?^^

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September 24, 2010 10:59am CST
hi guys^^ we all have an ideal bf/gf like things we wanted them to have and they would be perfect right? ahah sure we cant find one with all characteristics what is better^^ bcs makes us love the person even more^^ but does your actual bf/gf has some of the characteristics you want in a perfect lover for you?^^ do you feel he/she is the right one for you?^^ please share^^
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@nickie81 (48)
• Philippines
25 Sep 10
the person mist be honest and understanding
• Portugal
25 Sep 10
aw thats right^^ what you said are great characteristics^^ but i would also add caring^^ bcs you know if we be with someone even is honest and understanding but if is not caring we cant be completely happy if we feel that person doesnt care enough or could care more than what he/she does^^ you agree right?^^ thanks for your answer^^ and wish you find a good guy^^