What are the characteristics of an ideal woman?

September 24, 2010 8:07pm CST
Please what is your own idea about an ideal woman....................,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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@aurel83 (102)
• United States
25 Sep 10
an ideal women for me is a woman who can do her roles as a wife for her husband and mother for her children in balance. an ideal woman should have a nice personality like to be patient understanding, attentive and be loyal to the family....
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@fftwins (40)
• Pakistan
25 Sep 10
An Ideal women is the one who is first of all a good human being. Love, care and loyalty are the key characteristics. For every man, her wife should love, caring and loyal to him and his family. These are the main features and besides these there are many which vary from person to person like beauty, attraction, talking style, personality.
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@pogi253 (1586)
• Philippines
28 Sep 10
Society seems to imply that a woman's worth is found in her physical beauty. Each society will have its definition of what beauty entails which makes it even more frustrating for a woman. Others assume that the ideal woman in the bible is retiring, docile and entirely domesticated. The ideal woman is not afraid to work with her hands suggesting that she is hard working and utilizes whatever is at her disposal to cater for the needs of her family. she is the first to rise and probably the last to bed. She feeds her family with the fruits of her labor. She treats her workers well and take care of their needs. An ideal woman can define how she wants to be perceived which will be determined by her actions. An ideal woman is much more than a beautiful face, curvy figure or s3x object. She is the mother of nations and has power to shape destinies.
25 Sep 10
Good morals and deeply caring. Understanding and kind hearted. Being good at something so I can compliment her on it, anything would do :)
27 Sep 10
An ideal woman should have good traits. Someone who cares with other people and kind hearted. An ideal woman is not always beautiful and sexy, because sometimes they have bad behavior or traits, but not all.
@didi13 (2926)
• Romania
6 Jul 11
“La mujer como la sardina: con mas pequena, mas fina”. Iberian is a saying which I heard in years of school and I remember it, of course, because I was like. I was thinner then, more small and finer than any good sardine variety. Meanwhile, the canons of beauty have changed and I do not recognize that I have the finesse of old. Sure, the excuse that I am a mother of three children born in the latter years I could use it as a consolation, but I know it's not good enough even for myself. After all, no one look after us judge how many children were born intraba. But whatever it is, and if I manage to get rid of the 4-5 kg ??which I have in addition to the time when I was mother of the third child, I would not be able to fit the canons of beauty never to today. The women wear very thin and tall, but with impressive bust. Go as high that even a young beauty eighty feet up to 60 pounds. Are long and supple fashion beauties that seem to break when it bends to one side or another. And I've seen more often in people with frill of modernity, many couples she is taller than him and recognize that, rude and lack of openness, sometimes also laugh stealthily couples saying that if it were would try a little, it could take under his arm, like a map. By virtue of my own parts formed in adolescence, I keep my feminine aesthetic rules sit in fineness patterns. I like only couples where the man is taller and more massive than her and if I am only a woman's ideal look, I confess that I like the most delicate and thin women. If we are fuller, I think it's an advantage not to be overly high, because then it becomes too heavy. I find it beautiful Nicole Kidman, who is thin, tall and blonde like an ear of wheat, but I'm overly sexy and Shakira, who is tiny and perfect as a Tanagra statuette. And over all measurements and rules, sit down, of course, the criteria of taste and features outstanding personalities, who, in any form would sit, fail to gain halo of light and beauty.