Do you play the lottery?

United States
September 25, 2010 12:49am CST
I do occasionally however the odds of winning is rare and I believe the system is rigged and cheated... Do you play? How much generally? What do you think of the odds of winning ans the lottery system? Also if you win.. what would you do with all that money?
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• Finland
25 Sep 10
yup but rarely,
@puccagirl (7296)
• Israel
25 Sep 10
I don't, but my fiancee does. He always seems to think we will win. But I know that the chances are extremely low!
• Malaysia
25 Sep 10
Very seldom I go and buy a lottery ticket. I won't purposely go for it and chasing for every draws. Occasionally will invest few bucks and it depends on whether I have chance to drop by the selling station. I never thought of how to spend the money if I win....well, most likely will spend the money like most others do. Buying house, car, settle debts, make sure all family members are living comfortably, donations...
• United States
25 Sep 10
Hi Anthony, I play the lottery rarely.. here and there a few bucks.. hoping to win but it is really hard to win the system.. I believe the lottery system is rigged because the odds are so hard to win when millions of people play! The most I ever won was a few hundred bucks but that was just purely on luck because of the quick pick machine. I never pick my numbers because in the end it is for me to blame and it requires too much time.. What numbers would I pick and I do not believe there is a pattern to the numbers because it is random.. In the long run, people think they are spending a little- in hopes of winning a big prize so that's why I believe people are still playing. If everyone just saved their money, they probably would have more then trying to win... However, if I win, I would buy myself a home, pay off my school education, help my parents out and buy them a home, donate money to charity and other organizations ... travel, etc just like every other person who hopes to win the lottery :)