Do you have a love story?

September 25, 2010 9:06pm CST
life is beautiful and enjoy if you have a true love. if you have a nice or bad love story share can you share with me?.................///////////////
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27 Sep 10
I had my fair share of love stories - both good and sad ones. I just came out of an almost 6-year relationship - an engagement, actually. I was the one who called the whole thing off because of certain differences, especially in faith and beliefs, and the fact that I did not see him in my future anymore. There was no third party on either side of us, though. It took me a while thinking things through because it's a very tough, life-altering decision that I'd make. Thank God that I made the right decision. I know I hurt him big time, and my life was changed, too. He assured me that he's not mad at me and yet I still asked forgiveness and understanding from hom. I still care for him and love him, and I think I will always do, but I know that I'm not in love with him anymore. Now, he's happy in his new relationship, and so I am with mine.
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26 Sep 10
You know all of us sure got this story in life but i cannot share my love story in your discussion because it was too long and you will become bored. It was full of happiness and later sadness which it is the typical happening at every one. My love story is very happy at the beginning and at the later part of it was a little sad into my husbands part but happy on my way. It is very confidential for me but love to share if i have more time. Thanks and have a nice day!