Basic Question to Blog Owners: Please help

@niairen01 (1018)
September 26, 2010 5:26am CST
1. Do you own a Blog? 2. Are you already earning from it? if so, please share how many figures a month? (or just give a hint. 3. How long have you been running this money making blog? 4. How long did it took to be a money making blog? lastly, 5. Please share your money making blogging schemes. I hope you could answer this all, I just want to know if I should continue venturing in to blogging or not. thanks very much!
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@nicregi (1934)
• Malaysia
26 Sep 10
Hi there. Yes I have my own blog. To answer you, here is my opinion :) 1. Yes I have my own blog. I have 5 of them. 2. Earning? Definitely. 3. Figures varies. I write on news and ways to earn money. I earn from few dollars to below $50 per month. 4. Started last year. Nearly 2 years now. 5. Write quality items. Then do a little publicity. You cant just expect people to pop by your place and check on your stuff. Hope this is simple for you and good luck!
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• Philippines
28 Sep 10
I think I'm one of the few myLotters who do not earn from their blogs. Hehe... I blog about anything I wish to say, mostly personal. =)
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@bunnybon7 (50988)
• Holiday, Florida
10 Oct 10
sadly ive thought of it many times but have never actually tried it. i hear it can make some really good money but never sure if i can really do it well. i came to this discussion to see all your answers in hopes of finding out if its done easily and how its done so now i do hope someone has helped you.