Why does my new job make me anxious/worried?

United States
September 27, 2010 4:35am CST
I've been working in EMS for 2 years but the company underpays us so my plan was to switch to per-diem/on-call and work a second job full/part time. I looked for a year for 2nd job and found nothing, I had to stop my search because I had to go back to school to renew my EMS license (must be renewed every 3 years). However, while starting school, a second job unexpectedly found me out of the blue and started me with this quickness. I was so surprised and shocked by this. Within 1 week, I started work. It pays around the same thing my EMS job pays except this is an inbound call center for several doctor offices. So one job is out on the road and hours go by quicker, I mean who doesn't love working outside? The newer one is indoors and its slower for many reasons, one in particular being that you're staring at a computer all day and are on the phones w/ people who want to schedule/cancel appointments. Well, it's only been 1 week since I started there and I'm already feeling this way... when I go to bed the night before or the morning I have to get up to go there, I feel very anxious/worried. I'm not sure what it is. I've had other call center jobs in the past, but they all seemed easier compared to this but then again its only been my first week so far. Then, there's the hours. It's an hour bus ride from where I live to get there. I have to be up 5am to be there by 8am. Then, I get home around 6:30pm, and I have to be back in bed around 9pm-10pm. It's kind of depressing in a way. Then I have school Mon-Thu 6pm-9pm but that's only 2 months, I have to take a cab from the new job to get there on time though. I did the math in my head and figured if I worked 5 days at the new job and 1 day at the other in 1 week, that would be around the same paycheck amount if I were to work my EMS job for 5 days w/ overtime. Should I quit? I don't know, maybe its because I haven't had a call center job in a while and I've been out on the road this whole time?
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@Ramaditya (1227)
• Indonesia
27 Sep 10
Oh my goodness, that's quite problematic. Well, I think the best way to make you feel better is to relax. I think you are now studying and working under pressure, that's why you feel uneasy and worried. Just calm down. Like you told us that this is your new job. You need time to adapt to the new environment, and it's not easy. Make sure you make friends as many as possible in your new place, so you can communicate with them.