What Is Wrong With Wearing Fur?

September 28, 2010 2:32am CST
I know it may cause a bit of a fuss, but to be fair, I don't see a problem with wearing real animal fur. Don't get me wrong, I think the idea of killing an animal just for it's skin is not right, but when it comes to animals that we eat, like rabbit, I don't see why people would think wearing this as a coat would be unethical. After all this would be no different from wearing a leater coat, owning a leater sofa or having a few pairs of leather shoes would it? What are your thoughts on wearing fur, do you think it it completely wrong, or are you wholly in favour of it?
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• Canada
28 Sep 10
My mom bought me a fur coat a long time ago when I used to not have a car and had to wait for the bus in the winter on a street corner, freezing my azz off. Ive been kept warm by this coat since. I have it stored in the winter with a reputable company so they can clean it and keep it in a temperature controlled vault. I wouldnt get rid of it. It has kept me warm when we have big winter storms or when its really cold. I now use it to go out for walks with my dog and will wear it to parties if its cold. I never had anyone make a comment about my coat. I think it depends where you live. Most people in Russia will have REAL fur coat because nothing can keep you warm like one. I also used my coat when my mom was in the hospital. I was spending whole nights there and would use my coat to sleep on the chair next to her bed. I dont think its right to judge someone who's wearing a fur coat. How do you know if the coat is brand new or if this person had her coat for a long time? Why throw away a coat? I have nothing against people wearing them. Im not for the killing of animals for the fur only either. I wouldnt buy ANOTHER fur coat but will use mine for as long as I possibly can.
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• Philippines
28 Aug 11
the thing that bothers me with fur is that animals are skinned alive to get their fur.imagine you are being skinned alive for your skin,to make a pair of shoes or jacket with your skin.that's how it feels for me.there are alternatives now with regards to leather,as well as fur.lately the new trends with footwear are shoes made of plastic that follows the shape of your feet and give them room to breathe,same as leather shoes.there are fake fur that passes like real fur.
@Galena (9110)
13 Jan 11
it depends. if an animal is raised and slaughtered humanely, it's fur treated for clothing, where the fur is used for warmth and not fashion, and it's meat eaten, there is nothing that can be considered inhumane. but most fur used in clothing does not come from animals we habitually eat. it's just as wrong to kill an animal for its fur alone as it is to kill a shark for its fins or a rhino for its horn.
• Philippines
16 Oct 10
the only thing that bothers me with real fur is animals are skinned for their skin.some are even alive when they are skinned,leaving them to die.imagine yourself being skinned alive,just to get your skin.it will bother me a lot when someone wants to get me killed for my skin.I would rather go for faux fur,even if it's not as warm as real fur.plus,I am a kind of person who prefers the cold over warm.
@ANIME123 (2467)
• United States
28 Sep 10
I don't think it's wrong when someone wears a fur coat because you know everybody should be able to wear what ever they want. Also fur coats do help when it's cold out, but yeah I have nothing against it. I am pretty much neutral about it I think that people that like to wear it ok and people that don't like to wear than ok.
@SydneyJ (902)
• United States
15 Aug 11
I think wearing fur is wrong I also think leather products are wrong. Animals weren't put on earth for people to kill them in masses so we look cool or anything like that. Did you know it takes about 12+ bunnies to make a coat from thier fur?
@katsmeow1213 (28867)
• United States
28 Sep 10
I would not wear fur, and I do scowl at people I see wearing fur. I don't think it's right that an animal die for their skin. In the case of killing an animal to feed another.. well that's nature. Since the beginning of time we've killed other animals to feed ourselves.. other animals do the same. Every carnivore on the planet kills other animals. It's how it was meant to be. But we are the only species that will kill for hardly any reason. Back in the caveman days they'd kill an animal, eat the meat, then use the left over skin for clothing and bones for tools.. no part of the animal was wasted. Unfortunately these days elephants are killed for their tusks but the rest of the animal goes to waste. Tigers are killed for their fur and the rest of the animal goes to waste. Animals are killed to become trophies. It is against nature to kill for no good reason. Now, I could be wrong... but leather comes from cows, which we already kill for their meat.. would it be wrong to assume that the leather we wear or sit on is from the same cow we already killed and ate? Like I said, just an assumption.
• United Arab Emirates
28 Sep 10
Hi...I dont think that the fur will not be enough from the animals that we eat. There is a huge demand for fur in the international market and i did see a video on Facebook as to how the animals are killed just for fur. It was not at all a good scene.