Making more than 1000 USD in PTC

September 28, 2010 5:00pm CST
There are people making thousands in PTC. By seeing this people tend to admire this and start using it, but fails. This is because they lack of referrals and also they register sites from them without knowing it fully. I usually takes a sites that is older than 1 or 2 year if not more, those sites have less chance to go scam. It really depend on how the sites looks, to know how good it is. The main one is the script of the site, know which PTC script it is using. buxhost script goes scam always, you can see at the bottom written as next gen PTC script on those.Many dosen't know this. You can also share yours if any.
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30 Sep 10
yes thousand peoples may earn thousand. but for one it is not possible. moreover people lost a lot by choosing scam. cause all ppc are not trusted. thats why, one should have use the best site!
• Hong Kong
29 Sep 10
Agreed. Buxhost sites are either scams or sites that require expensive upgrades to make profit. I only use neobux.
• India
29 Sep 10
wow,its very hard to earn 1000USD,but i have earned 867USD in readbud................................
@bolotz (7)
• Indonesia
29 Sep 10
masih ada emang yahhh
@maezee (39175)
• United States
28 Sep 10
Getting scammed can be sad and expensive, and makes for a loss in profit. I agree! And I also agree that the key to big earnings is REFERRALS. That's easy to SAY - but not very easy at all to accomplish! Getting a FEW active referrals is hard enough, wouldn't you say?