reggae is cool!

Davao, Philippines
September 28, 2010 9:46pm CST
I love music a lot. My mom told me that even when I was a child , I always love to listen to the radio. Now that I'm a big girl, I cant even sleep without playing a music inside my room. My ipod is always with me wherever I go.I love to listen to RnB,POP,Rock,love songs,sentimental, name it I love it! But what I like most is listening to reggae music.It's really cool and it helps me unwind all the time when I plan to have some relaxation after a hard days work.Thank you for the music for it makes me feel good everyday of my life. How about you? Do you like music as well? =)
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@baylon09 (15)
• Philippines
29 Sep 10
Of course I like music any when it comes to rock,RnB,punk but what I like most is reggae because this is the kind of music that all the music I like......
• Davao, Philippines
29 Sep 10
Then I guess we can understand each other regarding music. Thanks for droppin' by
• United States
29 Sep 10
Music has a tendency to perk up great feelings. It is well know statistically that music is a great motivator. When you go into any store and hear music playing in the background it is because statically music causes people to be in great moods, therefore these great feelings cause people to over purchase. I know I put on music and it brings the best out of me as I like to move with the rhythm and even when I am blue. So keep listening to your great music as it is known to be very therapeutic..
• Davao, Philippines
29 Sep 10
I definitely agree with you =). Thank you for droppin by
@reploid (1370)
• France
14 Apr 12
Reggae is very cool indeed. I love both Metal and Reggae.
2 Oct 10
I love music from reggae.For me reggae is the best because i always listen this before i sleep.I heard this always from radio.Reggae is my music to sing and dance together me and my friends.
• Philippines
15 Dec 10
reggae is the best genre for me, i tried to play in different bands before like gothic, rock, metal and alternative. I really enjoyed it but I noticed that you have to choose the type of people that you're going to played with this kind of genre. I also tried to play with variety bands that performed pop and all kind of genre music but i felt that I can't express my self very well with it. then my cousin asked me to join his reggae band because they need a keyboardist. At first i am not really into it because most of the songs he gave was old(roots) and the riff he gave me was to simple. but I was surprised after we have our 1st gig, it was a scene where everyone looks like Bob Marley and everyone loves reggae music. We played there every week and every night i learned different things about reggae music. not just how to play it but about its history and some famous artists that i ever heard before. Slowly my interest in reggae grew and I started to look for some artist both roots and new who played reggae. I learned that reggae music is so versatile that it can be collaborated with other genre. I can add gothic riff and heavy sounds or i can also do some blues to make it danceable. I never sees another genre that can add something else but will not loose its form, aside from reggae. And, i never sees a genre that can play almost every where. it doesn't matter weather it is rock scene, punk scene, metal scene or rap and hip hop. people can easily appreciate reggae what ever music they used to listened too.
17 May 12
Reggae on the loose, reggae is my life.. Indeed, I always keep on listening to these kind of genre, either on my bed, on my way to work, when i get home, when I'm on a group, when I am ALONE and when I am on a B.E.A.C.H..perfect! Reggae really soothes my soul and keeps me loosen up. AND One thing what I love the most about reggae is that it does not only make me feel relax and unwind but also it keeps me feel connected with my two elder brothers who introduced reggae to my world. They were the ones who brought this kind of music to mine back when we were on our college lives. It was and will always be like " I am one of the boys" as people may say. Now they're living with their own lives now with their own family, I miss them though. Thank you for introducing reggae to mine brodaS! :D