Do you feel your horoscope sign fits your personality?

United States
November 17, 2006 10:06pm CST
I feel mine does as the over dramatic, attention loving leo
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• United States
6 Jul 09
I am also a Leo. I find my horoscope sign to be on the mark, with the exception that I do not like materialistic things and actually am quite frugal. I do love attention, admiration, respect. I am over-the-top optimistic as many Leos are (my username may give you a hint), and believe anything is possible, as I have extreme amounts of motivation and a high success rate. I read once that Leos almost seem to be handed luck and blessings...and I find that to be very true. When I was younger my parents actually would joke about having me work with my father (this was when I was 5, 6 years old; my father has a real estate business, which I now have as well) because they knew things would turn out the way they wanted them to if I was involved. :) 19sjm89, I don't know if you've ever noticed this, being a Leo yourself, but when you walk in a room...all attention seems to snap to you even though you don't consciously beckon it. I think we Leos have a tendency to scream confidence, happiness, and success without even trying. :) I also forgive somewhat easily but never forget, which is very characteristic of a Leo. The first time I read my Leo profile, I was amazed at its accuracy (the only thing being inaccurate was my supposed love for materialistic things) in both positive and negative aspects of my personality. My husband is the moody, keeps-to-self Cancer, and all compatibility charts have laid out specifically certain problems that we needed to watch out for--most of which had already happened. If you are in a relationship, 19sjm89, what sign is your partner and do you find the compatibility charts are correct as well?
• India
18 Nov 06
ya for mine it fits.I m Gemini, so loves to talk and enjoys friend too much.