Being a Woman and Playing video games...

United States
September 29, 2010 11:17am CST
It always makes people look at my like (What? Really?) because for some reason it's very weird for a 19 year old college girl to play video games. I love them! XD Tommy V is one of my favorite character in Vice City because of his attitude and his cool intellect. The missions are crazy, but fun too. My favorite mission has to be either the last one where you fight Lance and Sonny or where you go to the mall and bash out all of the windows. Grand theft auto 4 is also a great game and Niko Belic really is some what different than Tommy but is also a lot alike to Tommy. I guess you have to have a certain personality to be a main character of GTA. So what's your favorite Grand Theft Auto game or even from RockStar games... Grand Theft Auto is a great but I think Red Dead Redemption is also a great game!
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23 Apr 11
gta is one of my favourite game that i play.i like tommy his attitude is cool the way he play great! i also like missions to be completed but a mission stop me,mission in which tommy has to picks bombs by helicopter and put in the front mall type building.will u help me in completing this mission?i have some cheat codes of this game,do u have these theats?
@mickdsm (19)
• Brazil
29 Sep 10
GTA San Andreas is my favorite, also really liked Bully.