Why do people pretend to care for you when they dont????

October 2, 2010 1:11pm CST
This happens in our lifes and we dont even notice it..... How would you feel being in this situation?
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• India
2 Oct 10
Simple. They want to be known to all and be popular and they would also expect some people to love them. They would want some attention. They would like to be the center of attraction. Or simply they want to use you. That's really cheap if you ask me. Friends backstabbing you and worse is that what would you do if you get to know that? I hope you are not in that situation! Cheers!
• Mauritius
6 Oct 10
Hopefully im not in that situation but around me i can see this happening evryday.... And what is sad is that those people really trust those who pretend to love or care for them.
@paula27661 (15811)
• Australia
5 Oct 10
Some people act kindly in order to be admired for their actions and not because they really care. Sadly my own mother is like that. She is a person with serious issues who is not capable of showing love and affection and has never told either my sister or I that she loved us and has never hugged or cuddled us ever! She sometimes tries to show affection to her granddaughter but comes across fake and awkward. She lives for other people’s opinions more than anything else.
@Zorrogirl (1502)
• South Africa
2 Oct 10
They want something from you. as soon as they get it, you are history again. And they play with our feelings. just when you trust them enough to give your heart, they go and break it. I am referring to friendships as well. the people who hurt us the most are the ones that are close.
• Philippines
3 Oct 10
They are sort of like to maintain a friendly image though you cold notice if they just being pressure or hypocrite. though it is better to be pleasing than to criticize. While some like to be real they show the kinds of mood they have for the moment they could be misjudged so they just keep being nice just to avoid being the sources of gossip...
@diamania (7011)
• Netherlands
2 Oct 10
To me it seems to be a failing method to gain rapport with somebody and get them to do things for them instead of them doing things for you.
@harry89 (2330)
• India
3 Oct 10
Yea, quite a few people do this specially our friends and relatives. I think They do that because they feel jealous of us somewhat and doesnt want us to succeed in life. They keep on saying on our face that they are with us but on our back they betray us