limited budget

October 2, 2010 6:38pm CST
How do enjoy life without spending much money outside your home? Eating is not included. What can you do with little money left in your pocket?
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16 Oct 10
You can enjoy life without spending much money outside your home through window shopping, site seeing.
• Puerto Rico
5 Oct 10
Things I do with no money: view movies in the TV, Flirt with my girlfriend via email me in the room and her in the living room,walk in the park, on the beach near, watch the sunset,exercise with my girlfriend, go to events near, parties,birthdays, karaoke, bird watching, nature walk, even photo shooting of my girl posing and a lot more things!
@Cherryd41 (1119)
• United States
3 Oct 10
Hi Clairekorea What I like to do is go to the park and watch some of the football games they have there during the weekends in fact I did that today with my husband we also took a walk in the same park just before we watched the games ,try checking out some of the local freebies that might be in your area such as car shows,or maybe even a family BBQ ,visiting relatives is free as well or go to the public library just to name a few things There aren't a whole lot of things one can do for free but it sure beats sitting around the house with nothing to do but watch TV
@kingparker (9673)
• United States
3 Oct 10
I don't have much option without money in my pocket. I can't eat out, and I can't do nothing at all. It seems that everything cost money, even the air we breath sooner or later might cost money too. Not much you can enjoy without spending money. You can sit at the park chatting with random people, or you can play sports in the park too.
@fannitia (2167)
• Bulgaria
2 Oct 10
I love to walk! Even when I'm busy I try not to take transport. So this is something free - you can take a walk in the park or in the streets. But the food have to be included :))
• Canada
3 Oct 10
There are many things you can do with little money left or even free. Some of the things that I like to do that are free or cost very little. Go for a long walk on a nice evening, go to the library and find some good reads, watch a movie, visit friends, go to a friends home to watch movies or play cards/games, go to a park, meet someone for a coffee, go to the museum, go on a history/ghost walk, go ice skating (winter), go for a walk on the beach, join a group in your community, volunteer for a worthwhile charity, volunteer at senior activities, join a sports activity(bowling, darts, etc), play cards for a league (cribbage, 45's).
• India
2 Oct 10
There are many things which can come free in life. Only you should know how to earn them that's all. And i love eating by the way that's why i have such a huge stomach and appetite. I also love spending money on movies but torrents and file sharing have taken all the fun out of theaters because we are getting all the prints here. I would spend the money on something valuable then. Cheers!
• United States
2 Oct 10
I have the same problem, I never have much money left at the end of the week and don't want to sit around at home. I find that just going for a walk is sometimes very entertaining and sometimes you find free stuff in your area you never knew about. I also check Craiglist often to see if there are any free shows or events in the area.