Did you like watching coyote ugly movie? Whats the best part you liked about it?

October 5, 2010 9:28am CST
Coyote Ugly is one of the best movie I really liked to watched again and again. This movie is all about the life of Leann Rimes and its a really inspiring movie. And I really really love it. The best part I love it is when she finally went to the audition and felt nervous and decided to leave the stage, then her boyfriend turned off all the lights then she start singing...Awesome! How about you guys? Did you like this movie?
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@clouds0327 (1389)
• Philippines
24 Apr 12
I dont think this movie is about LeeAnn Rhimes story, she just sang most of the songs I guess. The best part about the movie is when she was very heartbroken because of failure. She got robbed and got no job, no place to stay and almost nowhere to go. I guess I am on the same situation. I feel like I am so weak now and there is no where to go.
@toniganzon (69316)
• Philippines
5 Oct 10
I love this movie but I didn't know it was about Leann Rimes. I just knew that she sang the song. It was really great, the best part that i like in the movie is when she started working in Coyote and became a member of the beautiful girls. She gained her confidence from there. From a shy girl to a confident girl. I like that!