The gift that saves the day

October 12, 2010 5:38am CST
Last month, we gave a piano keyboard to my son as our birthday gift on his 4th birthday. That time he is crying because he wanted to run the remote controlled car given to him by one of the guests. Unfortunately it has no battery, and no matter how we explained to him the situation, he doesnt't want to listen. He went inside our room, so my husband and I excused ourselves to the guests and followed him inside. My husband brought the big box inside, hoping that it will pacify him. At first, he doesn't even wanted to look at it, but when his daddy called his name and ask him if he wanted to open our gift, he just nodded and walked closer to him. He is a bit hesitant to open it, but when it was partially openned, his mood changed. I saw the sparked in his eyes and that moves him to unwrapped the gift faster as he could. I knew in my heart he wanted this for almost 3 months now. But I always told him that it still not yet the right time to buy it. Before the unwrapping was finished, the sniffing and tears were already gone. Then he asked me "Mommy, can I play the piano now?" And I answered him "Yes, but of course, just wait for daddy to set up the thing first so you can enjoy it" With so much anticipation, he watched his daddy set the piano for him and when it's time, he immediately play it even if the notes were all flying here and there. Be begsn smiling and seeing him happy makes me happier also. I came closer to him and hug him from the back, asking him if he likes it, and he just nodded and continue on what he was doing. Then, my husband and I went back to our guests who were all waiting for the birthday boy to blow the cake. And know what, after blowing the candles, he went back with his piano and play with his friends then. Thanks to the Piano- it really saved our son's birthday.
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@marcmm (1804)
• Malaysia
9 Dec 10
Good for you. He must be very happy then. Sometimes our sons are very stubborn and we as a parents sometimes didn't have any idea how to deal with it. But luckily for you the present really save the occasion. If not I couldn't imagine how the party will be if he kept on crying.