Amnesty for the rebels

October 12, 2010 6:59am CST
President Noynoy gave an amnesty to the soldiers who rebeled against the Arroyo government. But this decision did not went to DOJ/IIRC. In your opinion, do you back the president for his decision?
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• Philippines
15 Oct 10
He should also give amnesty to all the suspects in Ninoy assasination. They have suffered more than these rebels.
• Philippines
17 Oct 10
I think the president should think about this also. Good point though out of topic.
• Philippines
16 Nov 11
Very true, He should also consider those convicted from Ninoy assassination. Why not release them first for they have been suffering long enough. He has hidden reason in all of his actions and that is to intimidate GMA.
@TheAdvocate (2393)
• Philippines
14 Oct 10
Sorry, I missed the parallelism. To me these are two separate issues that have nothing to do with each other. I agree with the decision of the president to grant amnesty to those who rebeled against GMA. I think they have suffered enough. Of course it helps that I completely agree with their issues - its a pity that they lost that particular rebellion. I disagree with the toned down version of the IIRC report. I do not totally agree with the report in its entirety, especially about the culpability of the media,but letting Puno and Robredo off the hook is downright silly. If you cannot trust the people you gave specific instructions to carry them out to the letter, then you should let them go. Friendship should not be a mitigating circumstance.
@alex8288 (290)
• Philippines
13 Oct 10
In my opinion yes, absolutely yes, we all know that Arroyo is not a good president. and she cheated her way in to that presidential chair. We all heard her conversation with Garci. talking to Garci alone is prohibited and yet she did it. Then there are tons of terrible things happened to our country linking her or her husband to it. the ZTE deal and the railway project is just the highlights. And I think soldiers who turned against Arroyo have a good reason for doing that.
@cheravs (619)
• Philippines
12 Oct 10
These soldiers shows their rage against previous administration and not to this one, so pnoy just giving them back their life. I don't know maybe most of them are already terminated. And they have suffered enough together with their families.