October 12, 2010 7:00am CST
How do you feel when being pregnant for the first time? How do you feel your body ? Is it different or same? Whe the baby moves is it a nice feeling ... Can you please share with us this great experience
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@vexxus (712)
• Philippines
1 Nov 11
i am a man so could not be pregnant, but i seem can relate to the topic. since my partner is pregnant, and he was our first baby, the feeling is so wonderful especially when i touched the baby's feet kicking, and i can even hear the baby's heartbeat, so loud vivid and strong.
@jayen28 (84)
16 Oct 10
It's unexplainable feeling! I felt so much happiness from within. When my doctor confirmed that I pregnant felt so much joy. There's a changes in your eating diet and body routine of course I must aware that I have a baby at my womb so that I always extra careful for everything I do. So many thing I need to give up or avoid to protect my baby like my bad habit, such as smoking, drinking, i always take a sleep early as I usual habit. It's simple thing but if you take for granted it cause a serious problem to my baby. When my pregnacy reach at 4 month's I felt my baby's beat at womb as I remember every early in the morning and because of that I very excited to buy a baby clothes and baby product I always talked to her, I played a sweet music everytime felt her beat. It was a great experience being a first mother but i think everytime you know that there's a new life inside of you I think it's always great.
@paula27661 (15811)
• Australia
13 Oct 10
To say I was overjoyed to discover I was pregnant is the biggest understatement ever! The reason for this is that I had been trying to conceive for six years before it finally happened so I felt emotionally elated at first. Physically I was very fortunate because I didn’t experience any sickness so I enjoyed watching my belly grow. At first I didn’t feel any different and could have easily forgotten I was pregnant! As my baby grew I could feel her moving and sometimes I could even see my stomach move as she did! I loved the feeling of her movement because it reminded every day that I was carrying a real live human inside me! I really missed the feeling of the baby moving when I was no longer pregnant...
@johnpillai (2082)
• Germany
12 Oct 10
It is the happiest feeling. Every change of the body makes the expecting mother happy.i could feel the baby's movement after the 5th month of my pregnancy. It was very nice and happy feeling. that is the suitable time to speak to the baby happily. I used to speak to my baby.