legit ptc sites.

October 12, 2010 1:16pm CST
Any low-payout(
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13 Oct 10
another site is dynobux(sign up here): http://adf.ly/8Yg0 ienbux: http://adf.ly/8mv6 vipclix: http://adf.ly/8nYw ifbux: http://adf.ly/8mvW increasebux: http://adf.ly/8mum these are all great sites i got paid from all!!!please sign under me please and goodluck making money!!!!:D
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16 Oct 10
i am in all those sites listed here except dynobux and ienbux. I am sigining up on dynobux as your referral. :)
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13 Oct 10
You can have a look at my profile page.Some paying bux sites are listed there which meet your requirements. Good luck.
13 Oct 10
I have been looking into online work myself. Doing research and what not, it is so hard to be sure what is a scam and what is not a scam. A few credited sites that I have personally found, and enjoy is www.chacha.com/becomeaguide. It's free to do, but you do have to take an assessment test. You also have to remember you can only take the test once. But if you get accepted you get to answer questions for them. It is only like 20 cents a question but if you work at it and have the time, you could actually make pretty good money on that site. Also if you are looking for something with a better pay out, and if you like to Free Lance write a good site to check out would be www.seed.com. You go and choose topics they have to choose from. You write an article based on their requirements, if your article is chosen you will get paid for it. It is usually around 5-15 dollars an article. It is a very legit site, as it is ran through AOL services. If you are good at writing, and have a passion for it, I would consider going here. You could really make some good money off of this site. Happy hunting!!!