Wait time on Associated Content

United States
October 14, 2010 1:07am CST
I have just started writing on Associated Content a whole 3 days ago. I have only submitted a couple of articles, and am currently waiting on a response for the upfront payment. I am just curious how long this process normally takes, or if it varies heavily. I feel like I am obsessively checking my account to see if I've received a response, but like I said, it hasn't been long! What have your experiences been with wait time?
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@ip5217 (1655)
• Philippines
14 Oct 10
I submitted my first article with them. My gosh it took almost a week for them to publish my work. I don't think I will like it there because they are wasting my time due to their long review process.
• United States
15 Oct 10
Yeah today is day 4 for me, and still no answers. I submitted two articles initially, but don't want to continue writing and submitting before I know how long the process is and if they'll even pay me upfront for them.
@mizcash (686)
• Canada
14 Oct 10
I know how you feel, I have been there. However the wait is rather long at times, it depends on how busy they are with article waiting on approval. If these are your first set?Then the wait can be up to 7-9 days. Sorry, stay busy by writing more articles
• United States
14 Oct 10
Thanks! At least now I have a general idea to go off of :) I am going to keep writing the articles, I am having fun doing it!
@carolscash (9497)
• United States
4 Dec 10
The guidelines on Asscoiated Content says that the reveiw time is up to 2 weeks. However, I usually get reviewed within a week. I believe it takes long if you have to wait on them to look at it the second time after you have had to edit it. I do wish they would review things a little faster, but it is okay that they take awhile. I just want to make more money than I am making at the moment. I would like for online writing to be my main source of income.
@tonyllenium (6259)
• Italy
22 Oct 10
i always heard about this site where you cna earn money writing articles in reality i can't join because my country i come from is not allowed to join this site but i think that many people here on mylot are members in associated contents as well..so i always heard that to approve an article it takes long time..may be this cna be true if the staff must review all contents submitted..