My Son's 6th Birthday Celebration

October 14, 2010 4:16am CST
It's my eldest son's 6th birthday yesterday. We started preparing since last week, making the groceries and other stuffs for his birthday. By the way this is his first birthday to celebrate in school here in Singapore, so I need to ask his teacher about the norms in celebrating it in school. Sunday, we brought our gift for him- a mini guitar, which he actually choose. He was so happy having his own. Then came Monday, buying some more of additional items we missed last week. Then came Tuesday, we bought a special pendant for his chain (actually he got that chain last Christmas and my husband and I agreed that we will buy our kids pendant for each next birthday.) The night before his birthday, we do some decoration at home and prepare his gifts for his classmates. Then came 12 mid night and we gave him the pendant, which is a surprise for him. Upon openning, I saw how excited he was that he almost break the box. He was so happy because we choose a small guitar pendant to match the guitar we gave him last Sunday. He even asked me where his chain was and asked me if he can try it. After putting his necklce on, he asked his daddy to take a picture of him, together with his 2 younger brothers. Posing here and there. they have so much fun taking the picture. On the day itself- 13th of October after we have our breakfast, we went to the bakeshop where we picked up his birthday cake. At the school, we brought all the food and party accessories. I am also so happy that his teacher allowed us to join the celebration. His 2 younger brothers were able to celebrate it also with him. Time flies so fast. My baby has really grown fast, as I watched him so confident entertaining his classmates having the mini celebration in the class. That really made my boy so happy because that's how he told me how he want his birthday be celebrated in school. After that, we need to go first because he still needs to finish the class. We started cooking for the dinner at home. Just before his class ends, I was able to finish my second menu. After fetching him, I let him rest for a while before we went to the church to attend the holy mass to thank God for the wonderful gift of life-another year for him. Just in time we reached home, the guests were starting to come. and we celebrated his birthday with the food on the table. It was really fun, enjoying the night with family and friends. All in all, my birthday boy was so happy the whole day and until he sleep last night. And more over, I am happier because I felt that my son appreciated his birthday, he never stopped saying how happy he was being with his friends and thanking me and his dad for the wonderful birthday he had.
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@grubder23 (271)
• Philippines
15 Oct 10
happy birthday to your son! awesome party planning =)
@marcmm (1804)
• Malaysia
14 Oct 10
You get your son a guitar at 6 years old!! wow.. I'm looking forward to see him on youtube playing guitar. Record was hold by yuto miyazawa at age of 9. How I wish i had a guitar at that age. Anyway, happy birthday to your son. He must be a very happy boy by that time. And it was good for you to thank GOD during his birthday. He is the one we should have thank first because he gave us another day in our live and bless our live. And for another time, happy birthday to your son.