Use of MATHEMATICS in enforcing LAW??

October 14, 2010 5:26am CST
Guys, Do you have any idea as to how mathematics is used in enforcing law cos I have a paper to make?? That is, how officials, detectives, lawyers, attorneys use it in their career? Please tell me if you know.. Would love to hear back from you. Please reply ASAP. Thanks
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@elsoft12 (1821)
• India
14 Oct 10
Mathematics as a concept is used by each of them.Its like a iterative state space,wherein we close in on the solution with each appropriate input.So,everytime a clue is obtained the iterative process (in our mind evaluates the new input to the existing information (state) and works out the penultimate result. If you are asking about mathematic as a tool,then it is used in the design and development of the sophisticated devices used to obtain clues.For example : A lie detector has an mathematical algorithm that works out and gives you the final output,whether the accused is saying the truth and not.
@gunagohan (3414)
• India
14 Oct 10
They use it before entering their career. Mathematics is mainly used for quick thinking and better and a quick decision making. I have had 5 mathematics papers in my college. Numerical Methods was the last paper, u could see Taylor's series, Fourier Series etc in mathematics and also Differentiation and Integration . These are used in design and implementation of Programs that u design. I don't know how Probability works? It jut tells the possibility of a thing to happen which could be in our daily life. But i don't know what is the role of Probability and Random Process in regular use, they could be used by Lawyers or Detectives to determine which could have occurred and what is the probability of that crime that took place in that particular place. But i cannot tell what are Fourier series, Differentiation plays a role with Lawyers and Detectives.