totally shocked today....

@Cutie18f (9551)
October 14, 2010 6:54am CST
Well, this is just one of my cyber moments when I log in to one site and find something that really surprises me like today, when I looked at my adsense report I found that I earned something like $2.75 which to me is really something since I only get cents everyday, but today I was very shocked to find that I earned $ 2.75 doing nothing. LOL. I have two blogs which are not very good anyway and so the reason why I do not have that much traffic and earning there. Have you had the same shock lately?
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@Jalle1 (132)
• Denmark
14 Oct 10
Nice!, well then go be active and earn some more money ;) Have a nice day :)
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@sylvia13 (1850)
• Nelson Bay, Australia
15 Oct 10
Yes, that has sometimes happened to me too and there was no explanation, so just sit and enjoy it! But you better give more TLC (tender loving care) to your blogs, as obviously they are not as bad as you claim!
@sminut13 (1783)
• Singapore
8 Nov 10
congrats on that. i know how yoy feel. 2.75 is a lot of money unfortunately, i also have that similar problem. i too am unable to get good traffic as i'm not as active as i used to be thus the lack of visitors. my main problem now is whether i can combine my two blogs together so that i won't have to update seperately. i was wondering if there was a way to do that but once again, congrats again.
15 Oct 10
i wish i did. I like you only earn a couple of cents a day. I would love to know how to earn more.
@Strovek (868)
• Malaysia
14 Oct 10
Congratulations. I did have one article that suddenly had a view of 100+ views just because I posted a link to a forum. The best part is it happened within 20 minutes of posting on the forum. Just as fast as the views came, that was how fast it disappeared.
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