can u be in more ease in this messy life..or???

@umit_umit (1984)
October 16, 2010 12:48am CST
Hello friends,how is everyone.If we have to live in this life then sometime it becomes a very messy grind and all the relationships sometime arrive at stake,that we may loose them,as sometimes the circumstances are such that we are a verge of loosing them,but to ponder over this situation do you think that the relationships are better rwhen we are away from each other and meet our relatives after sometime or then if we are in the same area and the city and there is comming and going going on?what is the better option,as per you people!!
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• Portugal
16 Oct 10
for my experience the best is to have a relationship with someone that lives near you. or else you will get much hurt. like me im in a long distance relationship and he never has time for me :( so we almost never can talk and i get too sad. i just didnt leave him bcs i love him really. but sometimes i just want to cry. if both dont fight to make things work is very hard to be in a relationship like that. so sure relationships near are the best ones^^ we can touch, kiss, hug and be happy^^