Will help from the West settle the conflicts in the Middle East?

October 16, 2010 8:00am CST
America and other countries continuously try to fix the tension in the middle east, but do you think it will ever really help? What does the Bible say about the conflict there? Can money fix it? Or does it require diplomacy? I still don't know what to think, what do you have to say?
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@Rostow (59)
11 Mar 11
I don't think so myself. The people there see the Wes through suspicious eyes and when we intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan we gain little in return it would seem. The solution must surely be just to leave them to it. The west tries to take a moral high ground on the issues in the Middle East but history shows us that countries always eventually resolve issues for themselves and outside influences actually often prolong the struggle and antagonise the situation - as it has in afghanistan for example.