Pre announced resignation?

October 17, 2010 1:38am CST
During the meeting, it was announced by my officemate that she will be resigning this coming December. I saw in her eyes that she was waiting for a reaction that we will beg her not to resign, but sad to say nobody in the group make any comment about it. I intend not to react about the matter, but at the back of my mind if you really want to resign from the company then do so without further announcement. File a resignation and follow the company policy of one month notice and make a graceful exit. Imagine after that announcement she was not doing her assigned tasks. I pity her but I do not utter a single word. I do hope she has a nerve to resign sooner than what she announced. What will you do?
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@Strovek (868)
• Malaysia
17 Oct 10
Your office mate puts the bosses in a tough position. They will not be able to assign important task to her and at the same time they still need to continue to pay her.
@chiumee (850)
• Philippines
17 Oct 10
she wanted to be noticed. that's just it. she won't resign in the first place. but actually, she might get terminated by what she is doing now. not doing assigned tasks is ground for termination. well, surely if she continues to be like that, she'll not need to file resignation, and she will have a graceful termination in this month even. just tell her that if she wants to last until december.