Sell Digital Photo online !!

October 17, 2010 7:20am CST
Hi, Can any one tell me how do I make few extra dollar by selling my digital photo online. Thanks in ADVANCE.
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• Indonesia
19 Nov 10
how about copy right when sell photo online.
• Netherlands
23 Oct 10
I guess it depends on what you mean by selling: If you are talking about setting up a website and selling your images, you can check out zenfolio, smugmug and a few hundred other sites that pretty much do all the setup work for you. It'll cost you, of course. If you are talking stock photography, you can check out places like, and to name just a couple. Just be prepared. Their acceptance of images is very strict. They do not take just good pictures. The images must be perfect! It can be pretty disappointing if you are going in thinking they will just take your image and sell it for you. But if you are good enough, you can earn a bit, since the good shots add up quickly. But you need to have a lot of really good images if you hope to get some decent income from these.
@ThomasVH (381)
• Belgium
17 Oct 10
Hey ayanbanerjee, you can take part of some photo contest on the internet! There are plenty of them and you can win some good money.
@pschenck (98)
• Canada
17 Oct 10
There are a lot of 'stock photo' websites out there that will sell your photos for you. They have to be approved and when they are they earn very little. However, as time goes by and the same picture sells for a few cents here and there it starts to build. It is called passive income. If you're patient and you're not trying to make a living off of it, it's a good way to make a small bit of extra money. Hope this helps.
• United States
20 Oct 10
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