face the mirror..

October 20, 2010 6:02am CST
You should love the person who's been with you through most tiring times. Who lied just too make you feel better. Who never stop believing in your weird complicated excuses. who face the consequences of your wrong doings. who encourage you to stand after every downfall. Who manage to be the strongest even in your weakest moment. Love this person is all you in your hardest times. Askin' who? :( FACE THE MIRROR... That person deserves your love.. Love Yourself!!
3 responses
@hushi22 (4928)
20 Oct 10
woah friend. you seem to always post something inspiring. thanks for all these. i seldom do that, but i will remind myself from now on and that will also remind me of you. hahaha
• Philippines
20 Oct 10
yeah Thanks Sis. hope it can help you to grew you a better person. cheers!
• Portugal
20 Nov 10
i agree with you^^ we should love ourselves^^ we all deserve to be happy and loved. we should appreciate who we are. is important to love ourselves so we can also see life better^^ in a good and positive way^^ for me i believe in myself and even im not a godess at least i know that im not a mean person and always help my friends when they need so i like myself^^
@diana82 (56)
• Indonesia
20 Oct 10
who you see is the person who so far know the face that you see is the honesty that you have enjoy what you see and make it an always smiling face all the things in the world in tiring.