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United States
October 20, 2010 11:47pm CST
can anyone help me understand why a large portion of the movies that are comming out now arent original in any way ie based on comic books , video games , or just books ?? do you think hollywood is running out of ideas or is it cheaper to reuse someone else's thoughts and turn that into a movie ? also can anyone tell me there favorite movie of all time ?
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• Philippines
22 Oct 10
I think that Hollywood now produces movies based on best-selling books or games.they want to follow the trend of success of the book or game it was based on.they want sure money because fans will go watch a movie base don the book or games.it gets pretty boring actually.I would love to see a movie based on new concept.
• United States
24 Oct 10
as the other people stated its all for the money .. i also wish that there were more movies that were original because if i read the book or played the video game then there are no or very few surprises left and also i would love to see some more imagination ie. tim burton and his movies even tho i dont tend to like the movies he puts out at least they (for the most part) are original
@aerous (13452)
• Philippines
24 Oct 10
I think those writers are running out of idea. Due to the fact that all good stories about real life are being filmed...
@Phlamingho (7827)
• Denmark
21 Oct 10
It's not really that hard to understand :) Take a concept that have aldreay proven a success. Eg. spiderman, batman ect. Rewrite the story for the screen (a lot cheaper than creating an original story), throw in some talented people and a lot of money - et voila. You have a huge success. Sad but true.