15 years and the lesson learned is still there

October 21, 2010 10:09pm CST
I remember during my high school days when I am still attending the personality development class, my teacher always tell us not to eat while walking or even riding in a public transportation because it is not proper. But as I observed, due to busy life that we are in today, you can see everywhere man and woman tends to bring their food and eat them while walking. I tried not to do it for the reason that what I learned in school, I try to apply it in myself. But sometimes, I also became a culprit to this act, especially when I am rushing and needs to take some food in. But I will just limit it to a bite or two. Because know what, each time I will do that, my teacher's face is always flashing on my mind as if she is telling me the exact words on my face. That was 15 years ago, and I don't know why she got a very big impact in my life now.
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@ruperto (1552)
• Philippines
22 Oct 10
interesting .. it seems in the UK and Singapore, we never see people eating while walking along the corridors or streets ... Though in a fast paced life, it seems unavoidable to take a snack while moving on to the next venue for a meeting, training etc ... What do you think ?
• Singapore
22 Oct 10
Hi ruperto! Here in Singapore I seldom see people doing it. But just like in every rules I can also see those who wants to be exempted. :-) There are some who are taking their bites in between walking and though it's prohibited to eat in public transportation, there are some violators doing it. Good thing they are not reprimanded. Have a nice day!