Mail can't log , how to do ?

@NaHCO3 (106)
October 21, 2010 10:27pm CST
i have no use for two years . i can't land in the mailbox . when i press i forgotten password reset password ,incredible hint my ID wrong in fact,Email number and password,i have not forgotten what happened?can you tell me ?
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• Malaysia
22 Oct 10
From what I know, if you don't log into your hotmail in 60 days, it'll suspend your account for inactivity. At this point, you can still log into your email and it'll be reactivated automatically. After about 120 days after your email account has been suspended, it'll be deactivated permanently. I think that was what happened to your account. Unless you've been using MSN live messenger with that email address, kiss it goodbye.
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@nsj947 (284)
• India
22 Oct 10
As far as I know every email service provider has some specific time after which your email ID becomes defunct( until and unless it is being used in that period), that time period is called deletion after in activity. Most of these service providers,I guess
@flagella08 (5065)
• Philippines
22 Oct 10
two years make your account dormant enough and the admin obviously deleted your account. most sites only allow up to six months of inactivity. try to sign up again with another email add.
@raynejasper (2322)
• Philippines
22 Oct 10
..hi.. maybe because of inactivity, your mail was permanently removed from the websites' database.. try registering again using the same password and user name or ID.. usually, websites would remove ID from their database if the ID has not been used for a long period of time..