Teaching Kids to Pray the Holy Rosary

October 21, 2010 10:45pm CST
Last month we have a block rosary at home and as a tradition where the block rosary is, we as a family should pray the rosary together for one week. We got three sons and my eldest is only 6 years old then. On the first night, I gave each of them their rosary and asked them to follow us even if they know nothing of what we are doing. See, my second is only 4 and my youngest is only 2. As expected. they just held their rosary and left it on their seat, but my eldest still hold his rosary until we finished praying it. The following day, I asked him to seat with me and follow the way I go on with the beads, it took him awhile to follow me. On the third day, he knows already how to follow the beads but he cannot follow the prayer that we are saying so I gave him the rosary guide. Though he can read a bit, I know it will take sometime for him to familiar with all those words, but I already saw in him the willingness to learn. And the beautiful part of it is that he was able to sing the two songs even if the lyrics are not that properly pronounced. The days flies and now the block rosary was returned to our home again. Now, he is more familiar to the prayer and he knew how to answer the litany already. And the best part of it is that he is now asking me the exact time when we will be praying and the expected time to finish it. My two younger sons now are holding their rosary but only when singing the Ave Maria, but that is a good start I say to myself. At least they are encouraged to pray in their own little way. As a mother, it feels so good to see that my kids are learning the Catholic way. I know, I still need to feed them more, but at this point in time, the little learnings that they have is a good foundation for their faith to grow. So help me God.
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@gaiza12 (4884)
• Philippines
22 Oct 10
Your sons are very blessed to have a mom like you. I can't remember where exactly i learned to pray the rosary. But all i know was that even when i was still young my mother makes it a point that we really pray the rosary every rosary month which is this month October.
• Singapore
22 Oct 10
Hi gaiza12, thanks for the positive comment from you. I feel blessed also having them as my children. Just like you, I can't really remember the exact time when I started to pray the rosary. What I can only recall is during our religion class, one of our teacher then requested us to bring rosary and that's it. Little did I know I'm already learning. And I think it's because I always saw my mom praying it every afternoon. Plus our house happens to be near the chapel. So that really shaped me to be what I am now.
• Philippines
9 Nov 10
It sure is nice to know that people still pray the rosary, especially now that for many people, praying is so boring for them that's why they just do something that is not profitable spiritually. Good job, please do not stop encouraging people to pray the rosary.
@eileenleyva (27630)
• Philippines
31 Oct 10
I am so sad there is no Block Rosary in our subdivision. And we are mostly Catholics. I am happy to know that you are rearing your sons the Catholic way. Praying the rosary makes us reflect on the Life of Jesus on earth, as guided by His Blessed Mother. I am sure that Mother Mary will always protect your family, as She does mine.