are android phones better..??

@drdivu (1011)
October 21, 2010 11:53pm CST
hi all...are android phones better than the earlier phones..?? I m planning to buy one but I m confused...also i dont know wats better in an android phone..?? thanks for the reply...
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• Malaysia
22 Oct 10
Using android phone is very useful as a reader to QR code. QR code is Quick Response code. Today more sites on internet or companies used QR code to store their sites/company's details e.g. address, contact numbers, website URL, email contact, etc. For lucid explanation, have you seen the common barcode sticked/printed for one product? Yeah! That's it. It works similar and the only thing is QR code stored digital data and retrievable by using android/iPhone as a reader between the QR code and internet. I've published an article about it for how it works completely with my true generated QR code for my blog. You too, you can do it like I did. Here's the article link about it;
@chhetp1 (467)
• India
22 Oct 10
Android phones rely on the open source operating system hence they will come with tons of application. However, It is mainly aimed at competing with the apple Iphone and hence will work well. As the earlier response indicates it is much faster. It is true. Look at all the open source software and operating system out there these days. they actually are run for money for other giants who actually charge for using their software and operating system. I would definitely go for Android powered smart phones. Most of the reviews about smart phones using Android Technology are positive for you to decide about purchasing one.
@sk66rc (4250)
• United States
24 Oct 10
I do tend to agree that cell phone is a personal thing. There isn't going to be 1 type of phone that will fit everybody's needs. I have a blackberry but I know there are people out there that hate them. I have used ipones & it was really for me but I know there are people out there who love them. Android phones aren't any different. There will be people who love them & there will be others that don't like them or even indifferent. If you're looking to buy a phone, I think you need to find out what it is that you're looking to do with it. Coverages used to be an issue but I think with 4 major service providers, verizon, at&t, sprint & tmobile, one of them will fit your coverage need & certainly all of them offer some sort of android based phones. Personally, all I need is an access to emails, average internet use, & calls. I don't listen to music, I don't play games on my phone, on line or off line, I don't need 5,000 apps etc, etc... With that, blackberry seems to be a decent choice for me.
@rosekiss (30393)
• Eugene, Oregon
22 Oct 10
I think they are better than other phones, even though I have only had my phone for 2 weeks. I have really enjoyed using it so far, and it has lots of features, as well as a fast processor. It really whips through the web pages and I like that about it. It also has a screen that can be seen in the sunlight, of which others have never done that. I don't know all there is about the phone yet, but I am learning it. the phone I had before was a Windows Mobile hone, and it was a good phone as phones go, but my samsung Fascinate is much better, and I am glad that I bought it. Take care, and have a very good day.
@mlhervas (482)
• Philippines
22 Oct 10
I am also curious about this one. A lot of mylotters responded that android phones are great. Are android phone really that much better than symbian powered mobile phones? How about on touchscreen? I hope someone could answer me. :)
@wadabski (761)
• Philippines
22 Oct 10
Yeah android phones are really much better than others because they process much faster and stores up data much larger. Going for an android phone is a go for me anyway. I can even recommend a phone. The Samsung Galaxy S. Try to review its specs first before you purchase if it suits your taste.
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