Lacked of Personal Touch and Care

October 22, 2010 4:07am CST
I remember the homily in today's lunchtime mass. Before ending his homliy, the priest told us the story of a mother telling him that she made an everyday communication with her daughter through facebook. Nowadays, technology advancement and social networking is everywhere, I could not help but to think that just like you and me we are caught unaware that most of our times are spent in this kind of stuffs. The priest is right in saying that nowadays we lacked of personal touch and care even into our own family. We can say that it will rain when the cloud is so dark and things like these we can predict what will happen next. But when it comes to dealing with people around us we oftentimes clueless of what he or she is into. He then mentioned that we named the typhoons but in hospital we named the patients according to their bed numbers. And what strikes me the most is the story of a family with 5 kids. When the father was asked about the name of the third child, he look into his wife and took him awhile before saying the child's name. The reason was they called the kids in numbers 1 to 5. So we see in here that our personal touch and involvement became lesser nowadays. Though I must say that these social networking have their advantages as well, but we should not forget that we still needs to deal our lives in a more personal way.
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@StarBright (2798)
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23 Oct 10
Hi Alma: Your priest is so right. There are people who are so caught up in technology that they have forgotten what it means to interact with people on a personal level - even with their own families. In a lot of cases we have been reduced to numbers. So many times telephones are not even answered by people anymore. In fact, some companies have the nerve to have a machine call you and a recording asks you to hold the line until a person comes on the line. Sometimes doctors are really callous with their patients because they ignore the fact that they are dealing with people who have feelings. They tell a patient she has six months to live as if they were telling her she needed a new brake job on her car. I do not think I fall in the category of one who has lost the personal touch, but I will admit to using the telephone to call members of my family on their cell phone even tho they are just upstairs in their bedrooms and I am downstairs in the kitchen. It is much more convenient than yelling up the stairs. I am not beyond sending an email in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep. No one reads notes on the refrigerator anymore. That's not impersonal. That is being practical.