October 25, 2010 3:45am CST
does anyone know the best site to make legal online betting in cricket................... plz....telll
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• India
2 Nov 10
Betting on sports and gambling are illegal in India. This means that no one or no organisation or company can start or operate a betting system in India. This also means that Indians while staying in India are also prohibited from such activities. There are betting websites in other countries where betting on sports is legal. Indians while in India cannot participate in such websites. If you visit England, bet there and win, then it might be legal money. Check with a lawyer to be sure. Better to participate in fantasy sports competitions which are run by various sites in India. Although most of these sites do not work properly.
@funkykid (441)
• India
27 Oct 10
In india i dont think betting is legal.and any transactions performed doing online betting against cricket will be termed as Black Money in india.So better stay away mate.Enjoy Every Moment Of the game but dont bet your monet on that may cost you a lot. Happy Mylotting :)
• India
26 Oct 10
betting is not legal in cricket yet.
@dollar3235 (2062)
• India
25 Oct 10
I do not think betting in cricket is legal, you should think twice before getting involved in such things. For the sake of a little bit of money do not risk your life and career...sorry for preaching, just could not stop myself...
• Indonesia
25 Oct 10
i dont know