Utilities getting shut off!!!

United States
October 25, 2010 10:32am CST
Damn. We got shut off notices for gas and water. Electric shut off isn't far behind. There is an agency called Dollar Energy that helps with the bills but you have to have a shut off notice and have paid $150 in last 90 days. The gas we'd have to pay $80 and I am calling water right now to see what our payment history is. If our utilities get shut off then we can't live in our house until they get turned on. That's a rule of the housing authority. I've been having issues with welfare about my pay so I couldn't apply for energy assistance. i did just get that straightened out so hopefully we can apply for that now.
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@sid556 (30960)
• United States
27 Oct 10
Hi Angelface, I don't know your situation but I am housing also. I work and pay my rent and the rules are that we have to pay our utilities or else...same as you. I pay and pay and for the first time in over 10 yrs, I am really really juggling things so bad that I'm seriously scared. This week after paying all my bills, I had 16.00 left for groceries. It's terrible. I've raised 4 kids on my own and things should be easier now with only one left at home. It's not. Because I work, I really don't qualify for much other help beyond the help with housing of which I'm very grateful for. Each week I cash my check and run around paying enough to keep us from falling under ...barely. Right now I have a shutoff for the electric. I somehow have to come up with 150.00 within 2 weeks. It's not like I'm ignoring it. I paid 115.00 last month. I put 5.00 gas in my car at a time and am very frugal.I actually called energy assistence for the first time ever today. They set up an appt. for me for Dec. 20th. I can only hope that I can hang in there. I also qualify for all of 24.00 in food stamps each month. I was actually told that I would be better off giving up and going on full welfare. I can't do that. I just can't.