Fight with your own brother

October 25, 2010 7:24pm CST
Hello guys, It is so sad if you heard that the same blood or family members fight with each other. Like me I saw last day brother vs. brother fight in the middle of the street and for me it was really bad to look them because how could they done that without considering that there are same blood. What do you think the reason of these guys or Do you also see this kind of situation?
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@hushi22 (4928)
26 Oct 10
yes, that is a sad situation but i think fighting between or among siblings is just normal.
• Philippines
26 Oct 10
Hello hushi22, I think it is not normal to see brothers fighting each other in the front of people because it is really not good to look.
@hushi22 (4928)
28 Oct 10
i respect your opinion pal, but i think it is difficult for us to understand unless we are on their shoes. i may say it is normal but it is not nice to see. sometimes people reach the highest peak of their temper esp those who are emotionally or psychologically unstable for some matters. lucky are those who are very good in controlling themselves. lucky are those who mastered their emotions. why am i able to say this? because i have been working as an emergency nurse, and i was able to talk to some patients who themselves didnt really wanted this kind of thing to happen. their explanations cleared my mind about some issues that lead them to a fight like this. thanks for the comment. =)
@DertyJ (192)
• United States
26 Oct 10
Like a fistfight? or an arguement? Personally me and my stepbrother used to argue at least twice a day and it even got violent a couple times. He always had a bad temper and was on lots of medication for anger and such so many things would make him mad. I admit sometimes I did some things just to make him mad but he would get very mad over stupid things as well. One time he even broke my nose by throwing a remote at it. He moved out with his mom now so now I don't deal with him anymore. We were friends of course, but we did fight a lot.