Avatar the legend of Aang

By Leo
@d_e_v81 (360)
October 26, 2010 7:19am CST
I am suprised that no one in mylot is discussing only what I think is the most awesome cartoon series ever. Don't get me wrong. Im 29. way past the mindles cat chase the mouse kindda cartoons. but Avatar yhe legend of aang is just so packed with meaning and those moments that makes you reflect on your own life and also characters that are fully realised. Before I go on any further, I would like to see if anyone expresses interest in this topic. We can discuss further on the episodes, pivotal scenes, character development, etc...
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@yhanie (188)
• Philippines
15 Jan 11
yeah,, i've searched this and it only gave one discussion,, this is the only d one discussing about avatar the legend of aang,, this really is a great anime,, i have watched all the 3 books and im wishing that there will be a fourth one,, ive heard some news in the internet that there will be a second avatar,, AVATAR: The Legend of Korra,, this story is about a stubborn girl named korra which was said to be the next avatar after aang,, all of the character from aangs life wont be found in here, only their aang and katara's son tenzin,who will be the master of korra for her avatar training,,
@d_e_v81 (360)
• Singapore
3 Feb 11
Yea, Korra is supposed to be Aang, reborn as an Avatar from the Water tribe. The Avatar is born in the respective tribes through a cycle. If you recall, before Aang, the previous Avatar was from the Fire nation. Then when they knew that the next avatar, Aang, would be born in the Air nation, the fire nation wiped out the Air nation in order to have an uninterrupted world domination. What I love about the show is the balance of good and evil, ying and yang. So, after fire and air, next in the cycle is water...that is where Korra's story comes in...like 70 years after Aang. I am soo lookin forward to the show...word is, the original cast will make a reappearance in some of the scenes... and the setting in Korra will be like...more modern...ala what Hong Kong used to be... one word...AWESOME! ;)