not responding

October 26, 2010 6:58pm CST
is it just the most irritating thing, when you log in to many websites, you see this 2 words? we know it must be our fault browsing on a lot, more than the computer can handle... i just want to know what your sentiments are... :D
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• Philippines
27 Oct 10
Yeah this is really frustrating and annoying as well. I got to have this error most of the time when i was still using a modem to connect to the web. I still do experience this errors but mostly it is because of webpage error already nothing to do with my internet connection. And most irritating is when i need to open a site which is very important or i need to check my email as soon as possible then this error comes out, whoa! I hate that!
• United States
27 Oct 10
I think my frustration escalates more when I am limited to time and need to get in quickly. As this is usually when the site will not function, almost like it is laughing at me to intentionally frustrate me. By the way I see you are fairly new so a very warm welcome to myLot to you.