How long can you stay hungry?

October 27, 2010 10:17am CST
Have you ever been on fast? It is difficult. Sometime I have to keep fast due to religious purpose. but when I am angry I can stay longer.
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@youless (111476)
• Guangzhou, China
28 Oct 10
I can be hungry fast easily. I can't stand for a long time to suffer hunger. However, I remember when my husband and I took wedding photos outside. At that day I didn't eat anything at all for a whole day. My husband amazed to it. Perhaps my excitement already covered the hugry feeling:) I love China
• India
6 Jan 11
I'm female, and I'm 24. I work as a salesgirl, so it has happened many times, that i have had to go without food for many hours. Just yesterday I stayed hungry for like 12 hours, almost. I had eaten breakfast, and it was a rther light one: a honey mustard sandwich, and I had to be out on the road with my boss' partner, who could, unlike me afford to eat whenever he wanted. And you know how difficult it is to withstand hunger when someone is eating in front of you. And he didn't even offer a bit. My stomach started growling. Initially he couldn't hear it, i could only feel it, but within two minutes, I was STARVING, and the worst part, I had to talk all the while, about sales strategies, and lots of stuff you wouldnt understand if you are not into sales. And my stomach was SOO LOUD that he actually asked me if I was all right. I said I was fine, and I was just a little hungry. He still didn't offer me the bite, mind you. So, I can go without food for many hours, if I am forced to, without fainting or feeling dizzy, but I feel EXTREMELY HUNGRY. THE FEELING IS INTENSE...b ut I'm used to it. Let's hope I find a better job
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1 Oct 11
I have found myself stay for over 48 hours without having eaten anything and feel quite comfotable and I only feel hungry when I think of the hours but not not because I see any food.
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• India
17 Dec 11
wow there are so many people who can stay hungry. Personally I feel staying hungry once in a week is very good for those who want to lose fat. Your stomach is empty and your body gets good rest especially the digestive system. Even the body gets good time to remove all the toxins. If you take plenty of water in a fast, you will notice how your face glows after a fast getting rid of all toxins.
@hushi22 (4928)
28 Oct 10
ohhh...i think i have hypermetabolism so i easily get hungry like every four hours. it's difficult for me to stay longer, too because i normally feel dizzy.
• United States
27 Oct 10
Couple of hours haha.